Terms and Conditions

Updated: March, 2021

Terms of use - Denmark

The following terms of use for the use of the Platform (hereinafter "Terms") are accepted when you click the "I have read and accept Terms of Use" button on Corpay One's website. These terms  apply between Corpay One, CVR number 37231525, (hereinafter "Corpay One") and the user/User (hereinafter "the User"). Corpay One is owned by its parent company Corpay One, Inc., registered in Delaware, USA. 

Corpay One can be used by companies (“Companies”), accountants and auditing companies (“Partners”) and their customers (“Customers”). These terms of use apply to all External Accountants, Auditing Companies, Digitization Consultants and those who may, in addition accept these Terms on behalf of the User, including by new subscription, as they hereby guarantee that there is a necessary power of attorney for this and that the User has been duly informed of the Terms in advance.

  1. The product

Corpay One offers an online system for bill payment, creditor and receipt management. Users can use Corpay One to upload attachments via their smartphone, email inbox and via Scan & Send Address. Users can add bills, receipts and credit notes to Corpay One. When the voucher is uploaded to Corpay One, data such as payment date, payment information, creditor, amount, etc. are scanned and read by Corpay One before the data is uploaded onto Corpay One. If the document in question is an invoice, it will either be paid automatically on the due date, or when the User chooses to pay the bill via the Platform. Corpay One offers users four (4) modules that can be selected from or to in the application. The 4 modules are scanning, approval flow, payment module and integration into financial systems.

  1. Subscription and payment

For companies that register directly through Corpay One, and not through a third party such as an accountant or an accountant, it costs a monthly subscription to use Corpay One's services. The User chooses the type of subscription desired and pays the monthly subscription via debit card. All functions are included in the subscription. As a starting point ,you do not have to pay for anything else (e.g. other functions) other than the subscription itself. However, if payments are made through Corpay One by debit card, fees must be expected to be charged by the payment redeemer. This fee will be stated in connection with any payment made by debit card (with the exception of payment of subscriptions). In addition, in the event of the connection of a bank account as a payment method in Corpay One, a fee(s) may be charged by the bank in question, depending on which bank the account is in. Corpay One does not issue any fees for connecting a bank account, and any fees will be stated either by Corpay One or the bank in question, when requesting the connection of a bank account to Corpay One. If Corpay One is used by a Partner on behalf of a Customer, he can choose whether the payment should be made by the Customer, or by the Partner himself. Payment is not made via subscription, but consumption is calculated each month based on the number of vouchers added to Corpay One and on which modules are selected for the customer or customers and activated during processing of the individual voucher. Other conditions and applicable prices for Corpay One Partners can be found in the individual partner contract.

  1. Demo package


Companies that would like a demo version of Corpay One (different from trial subscription) can request a username and password from Corpay One. This will provide free access to test all features of Corpay One for an indefinite period. The User does not acquire the Application, neither a copy nor part thereof and, does not obtain a license to use the Application, except the software as a service. Continuation of the subscription after the end of the trial period requires the User to purchase one of the offered subscription and a password for use in accessing the Application during the trial period. The access to use the Application during the trial period applies only to the User, and the Application may not be used for anyone other than the User or to perform data processing or provide other services for others than the User. The User may not pass on username and password to third parties or otherwise allow others than the User to use the Application, without the person having a direct agreement with Corpay One in this regard, and is responsible for any disposition of the User's accounts or user profile with Corpay One, whether such use has been made unlawfully, by the User's employees or by third parties who have received access to the User's username and password. The User is not entitled to transfer the trial subscription to third parties, either in whole or in part, or to grant access to the Application to third parties. The user is responsible for ensuring that the Application during the trial period is not used in a way that could damage Corpay One's name, reputation or goodwill, or that is contrary to relevant legislation or other regulations.

  1. Use of the User's financial system during the trial period

The trial subscription allows the User to test Corpay One with a financial system during the period. Transactions performed via the Application during the trial subscription are carried out in a closed circuit for the purpose of demonstrating the Application and its functionality and do not affect the User's actual accounting or its financial system. The User must therefore simultaneously continue his normal invoice and payment administration procedures during the trial period, as Corpay One does not take responsibility for the User's handling of actual transactions.

  1. Use of demo data during the trial period

Corpay One offers the User the opportunity to use a necessary amount of the User's own data during the trial period to test the Application and its functionality. If the User does not wish to use his own data, Corpay One will provide such test data as is necessary for the User's testing of the Application and its functionality. No later than 60 days after the end of the trial subscription, Corpay One will delete all the User's demo data Corpay One's subscription solutions, and Corpay One has no obligation to store demo data after this time. However, demo data may be stored and used by Corpay One for statistical purposes without identifying the source of the information. Information derived from the statistically collected material may in special cases be sold to third parties, but at no time will it be the case that information about the User or his data will come to the knowledge of third parties in such a way that the User can be identified.

Operational stability

Corpay One strives for the highest possible operational stability, but is not responsible for breakdowns or operational disruptions, including for operational disruptions during the trial period caused by factors beyond Corpay One's control. power outages, equipment failures, problems with telecommunications connections, problems with internet connections, problems with hardware, hacker attacks, viruses or other forms of force majeure. The application and the service are delivered as is and exist, and Corpay One disclaims any warranty, assurance, warranty, indemnity or other terms, whether direct or indirect.

  1. Changes


Corpay One is entitled to continuously update and improve the Application. Corpay One is also entitled to change the composition and structure of the Application and services. Such updates, improvements and alterations may be made with or without notice.

  1. Intellectual property rights

The Application and information provided from the Application, other than the User's demo data, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and belong to or are licensed to Corpay One's parent company Corpay One, Inc. Individually developed software also belongs to Corpay One, Inc., unless otherwise agreed in writing. The user must notify Corpay One of any actual or potential infringement of Corpay One's intellectual property rights or unauthorized use of the Application of which the User becomes aware. There is no transfer of intellectual property rights to the User. In relation to material uploaded by the User and all the User's demo data, the User grants Corpay One and his suppliers a license and global license that is sufficient for Corpay One to properly run and operate the Application. and fulfill its obligations during the trial period. The user warrants that the material uploaded does not infringe the rights of third parties and does not contain material that may be offensive or in violation of relevant legislation or other regulations.



Corpay One has the right to transfer its rights and obligations to the User to a group company or third party. The User accepts that Corpay One is entitled to use subcontractors in all conditions, including for the settlement and operation of the Application and for the storage of the User's data.

  1. Corpay One's responsibility

Corpay One disclaims any responsibility for the User's use of the Application during the trial period, whether this occurs in contract or out of contract, including for operating losses, consequential damages or other indirect losses, loss of data, losses due to product liability or losses incurred as a result. of simple negligence. Corpay One is not responsible for the third party solutions available and / or integrated with the Application. Thus, Corpay One cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, completeness, quality and reliability of the information nor the results obtained through these third party solutions. Similarly, Corpay One can not be held responsible for the availability, security or functionality of the third party solutions, including for possible damages and / or losses caused. of third-party solutions. It is the User's responsibility to provide proof that one of the User's small losses cannot be attributed to third party solutions. Corpay One is without any responsibility for the business relationship between the User and its creditors and suppliers. Corpay One does not take responsibility for bills paid late due to Corpay One's platform, but if a late payment occurs, please as a User contact Corpay One immediately. If Corpay One is at fault for late payment, it is the customer's responsibility to pay the reminder fee and Corpay One cannot be held liable for payment of this fee. Regardless of the type of loss or the liability basis, Corpay One's total liability is limited in amount to the User's payment for 12 months before the liability entry. The User undertakes to indemnify Corpay One from product liability damages, third party losses and other claims from third parties as a result of the User's use of the Application. The User agrees to indemnify Corpay One against any claims or losses due to product liability, third party losses or third party liability, to the extent it arises from the User's use of the Application.

  1. Data security

Corpay One has taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures against the information in the Application being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or degraded and against it coming to the knowledge of unauthorized persons, being misused or otherwise processed in violation of the Personal Data Processing Act. upon request - and against payment of Corpay One current hourly rates for such work - sufficient information to enable the User to ensure that the said technical and organizational security measures have been taken.

  1. Your Personal Information

We collect certain information about you and your company in order to offer this service. We refer to our Privacy Policy for a more detailed description of how your personal data is processed.

  1. Change of conditions

Corpay One reserves the right to change these Terms in any respect. The Terms and Conditions in force at any time will be available on Corpay One's website. Use of the Application after a change to these Terms constitutes acceptance of such amended Terms. It is the User's obligation to keep up to date with changes to the Terms.

  1. Disputes

These Terms are subject to Danish law and any dispute arising from the subscription, including these Terms, must be brought before the City Court in Copenhagen.